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Today was my last day of school. Its a bitter-sweet thing. Its sweet cuz NO MORE HOMEWORK! *w00t* and now i have more time to work on my art! But theres a very bitter side to all of this: most of my friends are leaving for good... *sniff* Im going to miss them all so much... and its so wierd cuz i really liked this guy at my school and im not going to miss him as much as im going to miss this other guy that i knew that i usually competed with. :S Well, either way im going to miss them and i wish them good luck with thier lives!!

YAY!! its the start of summer!!!(although its not a really good start cuz its raining) i really hope this summer isnt boring or goes by really fast like last year. Now that i have time to draw, im going to try to submit a few things before the end of next month. They might just be sketches cuz im not really confortable yet with my tablet. Any tips? Cuz i could sure use them.

:D todays my birthday!!! i gots myself an awesome cake thats topped with little caramel swirls! its really sweet. when i was ordering my cake i asked "can you put caramel swirls on top?" at frist the lady didnt understand what i said. and then she goes "Ohhh, you mean carmel (spelled as pronounced)!" So im just wondering, is it pronounced caramel or carmel? Or can it just be used both ways?