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Today was the last day of school!! plus Artwork and Tablet tips

2010-05-27 15:11:30 by silversunset

Today was my last day of school. Its a bitter-sweet thing. Its sweet cuz NO MORE HOMEWORK! *w00t* and now i have more time to work on my art! But theres a very bitter side to all of this: most of my friends are leaving for good... *sniff* Im going to miss them all so much... and its so wierd cuz i really liked this guy at my school and im not going to miss him as much as im going to miss this other guy that i knew that i usually competed with. :S Well, either way im going to miss them and i wish them good luck with thier lives!!

YAY!! its the start of summer!!!(although its not a really good start cuz its raining) i really hope this summer isnt boring or goes by really fast like last year. Now that i have time to draw, im going to try to submit a few things before the end of next month. They might just be sketches cuz im not really confortable yet with my tablet. Any tips? Cuz i could sure use them.


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2010-05-27 15:50:50

probably the best tip I can give.
Go to the Art Forum!
Really go there Read the rules (we have an extend set over the normal BBS rules) and Make a Thread with your art, Call it "Silversunset's Art" or "Art with a Silver Lining" (Be creative, but that second one does have a ring to it.)
Start posting your art up there. Many of the Art forum Regs are very skilled and very helpful. If your nice and ask for some critiques, you'll most likely get it.

We love for people to post there wips and we give them feed back as they continue the project for a better finished piece.

I know this sounds like a really bad advertisement for the BBS, but we do tend to be more helpful than the art portal at times.

(Updated ) silversunset responds:

Thanks, ill try that!